Now when you travel, you can leave your pet in the comfort of your own home!

No more rushing to get your pet to the kennel before you leave or having to pay for an extra day because you can’t pick up before the kennel closes.

Services for your pet includes:

  • Maintaining your pet’s daily routine of exercise and diet
  • Administering medicine and vitamins
  • Preventing exposure to illness
  • Keeping your pet in a familiar environment to reduce stress while you are away
  • Lots of belly rubs and booty scratching!

Additional benefits for you include:

  • Your house will have that “lived-in” look
  • Mail and newspapers will be brought in
  • Plants will be watered
  • No need to impose on friends, family or neighbors


  • Individual visits – $25.00
  • Additional pet in household fees
  • Additional fees for holidays (all federal holidays)

Come-and-go Pet Sitting is available for Northbrook only.